Photography & Graphic Design

Pinch Me!

I love this work! I never dreamed I'd have so many opportunities to get all artsy while continually developing new skills. Here are some of my favorite creatives that I've delivered to various clients. What can I make for you?

Commercial Photography 

Photography is the most important tool in telling a brand's story. I love being given the opportunity to express clients' perspectives through images. My number one rule in commercial photography is that if you don't want to reach out and grab it (or in the case of Barnoa, BE there), the photo isn't good enough.

The Real Wool Shop (Carleton Place, Ontario)

Barnoa Wine & Beer Bistro (San Clemente, CA)

Graphic Design

I'm proficient in Photoshop and moderately proficient in Illustrator. I have also used InDesign in an educational setting. What would life be without them?

I've created menus, posters, magazine ads, engraving designs, social media images, email banners and layouts, product inserts, and website pages. 

Here are a few of my professional designs:

Whiskeymade's product insert

AleHorn Pinterest Graphic

AleHorn Pinterest Graphic

AleHorn Pinterest Graphic
Mother's day email header for AleHorn

IG and FB graphic for The Real Wool Shop

A lifestyle image using a product pic that had a white background
Whiskeymade custom design based on client's wedding invite

Barnoa events posters

AleHorn Homepage Header

AleHorn Social and Email Promo

AleHorn Covid-19 social post

AleHorn COVID-19 Social Post

Barnoa holiday promo - email, website and social media

AleHorn Graphic for Amazon

AleHorn Graphic for Mead Recipe PDF (gift to customers)

Barnoa graphic for website and social media - COVID-19 curbside promo