Web Design

Bringing it all together

If there's one thing that puts all of my skills together into one package, it's web design. Graphics? Marketing? Copywriting? You can't make a good webpage without being strong in ALL of those.

Every webpage has a main endgoal, so when designing pages I like to consider that first, then work backwards. Just like all art, a published page is never finished, and that's where Google Analytics comes in. Does the data show that your work on this page is effective? I always like to check back on functionality and page metrics, then adjust.

Below are several pages I've created for AleHorn on Shopify using Turbo theme (homepage) and Zipify Pages (landing pages). I've added them here as images to preserve them in their current state as examples of my work.

AleHorn Homepage

AleHorn Wedding Funnel Landing Page

AleHorn Military Funnel Landing Page